The Importance of Historic Signs


Historic preservation is an integral part of any community. Cities small and large across the country have put in tremendous effort in the past few years to preserve certain aspects of their local community’s heritage.

Often, local governments are responsible for designating certain sites as historic landmarks. By doing so, they ensure a certain site will be left untouched for the next generation, sometimes funding is even included to help with upkeep or possibly even to turn something into a small museum. There are many reasons for doing this.

Besides for it just being the right thing to do, it also helps build community, help to educate the public, and can actually boost an area’s tourism industry by providing visitors with more things to see and do. For this reason, old buildings and houses, interesting streets and parks, are now more than ever designated as historic landmarks, sometimes advertised with a great historic sign in Louisville, KY.

The importance of a sign

If a local government puts all that effort into designating a site as a historic landmark, then it’s important to not only keep the site in good shape, but also to promote it in any way possible. Every local tourism board should have a list onsite of area historic landmarks. The internet can be very useful when it comes to advertising historic landmarks in a community. And most importantly, every historic landmark should be clearly visible with the help of historic signs in Louisville, KY.

Without a clearly recognizable sign, it can be difficult for locals and visitors alike to find a historic landmark. Especially when a site is tucked away in a neighborhood off a usual beaten path, anyone can miss them and that means all the effort behind preserving it for the public has basically been done for nothing. This is easily resolved with historic signs in Louisville, KY.

Signs inform and educate

Using clearly recognizable signs will grab the public’s attention and will help inform visitors about an area’s local history. These signs not only grab attention, they can be deeply informative with a few paragraphs explaining the sites importance. A historic marker sign helps command respect for a site and its contribution to an area’s history. Any great historic preservation begins with its sign and since preservation is done for a community, then the community better be informed on why the site is important. To increase how recognizable a site is, and in order to better inform the public, historic signs are the best way to go with historic preservation sites.

If you like your community and appreciate your local government’s effort to help preserve the past, then make sure your areas historic sites are clearly labeled with an informative sign. Historic marker signs are inexpensive, easily made and should be considered a necessity with historic preservation sites. Getting involved in this can also mean you will be leaving something for the next generation as well—not just a great historic site, but also a clear sign that lets the public know why history is worth saving.


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