The Five Most Important Considerations of Sign Installation


So, you’re in need of some signs for your business or for an event. Before you create or purchase any, it’s best to have some idea of not only what you want, but where you want the sign placed and the message you want it to convey. Here are some considerations to think about when it comes to sign installation in Louisville, KY.

1. Where the sign is placed: No doubt, you’ve heard it before: location, location, location. While signs aren’t real estate, where they are hung or placed is still the most vital choice you can make when it comes to sign installation in Louisville, KY.

There are a few things to consider when you are going about selecting the placement of your sign. Firstly, does it make sense? Does the message or promotion match the placement? There are few things that are more confusing than a misplaced sign, whether it has the wrong information or the wrong aesthetics.

Also, consider whether placing the sign outdoors or indoors and which would be best. An easy way to determine where to place your signage is to have a particular goal in mind and think about which placement will best aid that goal.

2. How the sign is positioned: You will want to make sure that the sign is positioned in such a way that makes it easy to see and easy to read. Consider how people will have to look at your sign. A good method might be to hang or place the sign at eye level so that people can easily see the message. You may also want to consider whether to angle the sign or keep it straight – the best way will often be determined by the specifics of your current display or event.

3. How the sign will be perceived: Perception is powerful—it’s often the leading force behind many of our actions. It’s also a hard thing to predict, as we are all so different and see the world through totally different lenses. Still, it is worth considering how your sign will be perceived and who will be doing said perceiving. Placement and design, including the colors and font style, will contribute to this, but lighting, surroundings and general sentiment of the area should not be forgotten.

4. How the sign will be persuasive: You aren’t just getting a sign without any reason. Signs are for sharing messages and in many cases, said messages are calls to action—that is, persuading someone to do something, whether it is taking advantage of a sale, checking out a new item or taking part in a silent auction at an event. How persuasive a sign is depends on a myriad of factors, including placement and design. You’ll want to consider both, along with how to craft your message in a way that gently guides instead of aggressively shoving.

5. How the sign is prepared: The last thing anyone wants is for a sign hung on the wall to fall down or for a sign installation in Louisville, KY to land on a potential customer. How the sign is installed and how secure the sign is are things that must be double and triple checked in order to avoid any chaos.

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