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Immortalizing a landmark, event or person through the proper signage is all it takes to keep that memory alive for generations to come. Eagle Sign & Design is proud to be a top producer of plaques and memorials for a vast array of different applications. We pride ourselves in creating only the most beautiful, attention-grabbing pieces, allowing passersby to easily take note of them and the messages that they hold.

plaques_bronze_and_aluminumPlaques: Designing and producing a memorial sign means capturing the essence of individuality and integrity within a single plaque. Eagle Sign & Design is proud to be a leader in dedications and memorials for many reasons, including our exceptional experience with cast bronze and aluminum. These materials showcase a deep sentiment for the message displayed upon them because they represent a truly unique exhibition of immortalization. Personalize your message and design—we’ll take care of producing a beautiful, lasting sign that you can apply for maximum recognition. We’re proud to help you immortalize a person, place or event with the perfect memorial or dedication plaque. Memorial and Dedication Plaques Gallery






plaques_customCustom Cast Designs: Custom cast designs in Bronze and Aluminum are our specialty. If you have a unique design in mind, please give Eagle Sign & Design the opportunity to help you make it a reality. Custom Cast Designs Gallery








plaques_historic_signHistoric Markers: From the National Registry of Historical Places, to roadside Historical Markers, Eagle Sign & Design can produce the perfect sign, in cast bronze or aluminum, to meet your strictest specifications. We understand that a historical marker is meant to draw attention and inform people, which is why we go out of our way to help conceptualize the right sign for every job we’re presented with. Whether you’re simply seeking to monogram text onto a plaque or you’re looking to immortalize a portrait or logo onto a memorial sign, we’re ready to ensure that the finished product is everything you hoped and dreamed it would be. We have a depth of experience in creating unique historical signs and will gladly consult with you today regarding your specifications. Historic Markers Gallery





plaques_reliefsRelief and Photo Etch: When someone has gone above and beyond to make our world a better place they sometimes deserve to be immortalized on a plaque. At Eagle Sign & Design our in house artist and designers can help you decide what options best suit your unique needs to recognize those in our society who have earned it. Relief & Photo Etch Gallery