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Five Ways to Make Your Golf Signs Amazing


What’s the first thing a golfer does when they approach the tee box of their next hole? Check the signage of course! Without looking at the signage posted at every hole on a golf course, how is a golfer supposed to know what they’re up against when teeing off?

Golf signs in Louisville, KY hold a veritable gold mine of information for golfers, including the distance to the pin from certain tee markers, pictures of the course and its hazards, the par of the hole and more. And while every golfer will find themselves looking at these signs before they tee off, take a look at five ways you can add a bit more to your golf signs in Louisville, KY to really impress your patrons:

A complete map: While it’s true that many golf signs will feature a simplistic overview of the hole ahead, what’s really impressive to golfers is when that map is detailed and pristine. Showing sand traps, water hazards, the fairway and the rough, not to mention the green, in detail will really give avid golfers something to consider before they step up to the tee.

Commemorative inscriptions: Did someone once sink an ace at your par three? Did a generous benefactor claim a favorite hole on your course before they passed away? Having a short inscription on your golf signs in Louisville, KY will connect players to your club and to the hole they’re about to tee off at. Knowing someone claimed a hole in one might inspire them; seeing the name of a golfing great inscribed as a benefactor may make them grateful; and knowing that their name may someday make an inscription with a once-in-a-lifetime round score may keep them coming back for more!

Car paths: Not everyone knows the etiquette associated with carts on the golf course, which is why many clubs have specific cart paths laid out for golfers to follow. Putting these paths on your signage in relation to the layout of the hole will help you to keep your fairways clear and your patrons driving on the right path, conveniently laid out for them.

Handicaps: For the more serious golfing party on your course, putting handicap numbers on your golf signs, near the par, may serve to give golfers a more enjoyable round. Instead of pausing at every hole to figure out the handicap or forcing golfers to play without it, posting it on the sign can help to make your club feel more accommodating and welcoming to players of all skill.

Club logo: You’d be amazed at how many clubs don’t think to put their logo on the signage at each tee box! Ensuring that your emblem shines brightly at each hole is a great way to show golfers that you’re dedicated to keeping your links pristine and the name of your club in the highest standing. Even if you’re open to the public and not a private club, showing uniformity is a great way to gain a reputation for quality.

When the time comes to revise the signage on your golf course, consider these five options to make your new signage stand out!